What is this existence that we as humans have.  We go about doing what we do day by day but to what avail?  To what purpose?  As we live our lives, we do the things that we do based upon what our plans and goals are. But really. Does it really matter?  Do we really act of do we react to what is going on around us. I the short run we may think that we are getting what we want.  But in the long run. Who really knows. For those of us who try to do what is right by us, our family and even our friends. It seems that we maybe fooling ourselves.  I go to work Monday thru Friday.  And work hard every time.  I try to live a good life.  Take care of my family.  But it seems that no matter what I do. We always have some kind of problems in between.  It’s interesting.  The people that works the hardest are the ones that seems to suffer the most. We who try to live our life the right way are always the ones who has the most problems it seems.   So what do we do? 1 step forward. 2 steps back seems to be the way to travel.